Sunday, July 20, 2008


So I have been doing an internship at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City for the last few weeks. During our orientation were were told that there are stairs in three corners of the building. The two stairwells on the west side of the building are emergency stairwells--that is to say that an alarm will go off if you go through them. However, in our orientation we were told that we could use our security cards to access those stairwells. Now I haven't had a need to use these other stairwells, except for once when I was asked to take something to the back by the freight elevator. However, yesterday, I was coming out of the lunch room (which is by the north-west stairwell) and I was going to head up to the second floor. I figured that I was right there, so I swiped my card to get access to the stairwell without setting off the alarm and headed up. Upon reaching the second floor I didn't see the little green button that is often on the secured side of the doors to deactivate the alarms, so I assumed (without checking) that this door was motion activated like some of the other doors. Well I was wrong. I opened the door and an annoying alarm began to buzz. I thought to myself: "No big deal--I'll just swipe my card on the other side and that will fix the problem. Right?" Wrong! I swiped my card and the alarm went off, only to go back on again a few seconds later. So I stood there for a minute and kept trying my card. It wasn't working. Some people working around me told me to just go get security. So I walked to the reference desk. They had already called security, but they couldn't fix the problem either. Finally after about ten minutes of the alarm going off, someone got it fixed. Anyway, needless to say, I was quite embarrassed, and I felt bad that all the people on the floor had to listen to the annoying tweet of the alarm while they worked. No one was mad at me or anything, but I think that the next time I want to go upstairs, I'll just go the way I have always gone, without announcing that I have arrived for work. :o)


Blogger Kimberly said...

Wow. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't come up to research yesterday after all. It might have been just a little hard to focus with all that noise going on! j/k
I'm glad to hear your internship is going well (setting off door alarms excepted). Have fun up there!

Sunday, July 20, 2008 11:07:00 PM  
Blogger charlene said...

Tee hee. This is a bigger oops than you intended. (Notice the correct spelling of oops.)

Saturday, August 16, 2008 6:18:00 AM  

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