Monday, September 1, 2008

Kyle, Scott, and Spencer Day

[Note: This entry was primarily written back in September 2008, but I wanted to finish the slide show before I posted it. Sorry for the lateness. I am working to catch up, and then blog smaller posts more frequently.]

Who are my heroes? Who do I look up to? I have many. One of the most influential of them is Scott Smith. I met Scott on February 9, 2009, two days after returning home from my mission in New England. By "met" I mean I saw him for the first time, as he, along with a large number of my brother's friends, came over to my house to visit. The only thing I remember about him from that instance, was that another guy was doing his hair in all sorts of random styles.

(Scott Smith, 9 Apr 2003, Richards Ave, San Jose, CA)

Scott was a good friend of my brother Olin (and still is). Often Olin would leave and hang out with Scott. I, however, only had one, or maybe two, brief conversations with Scott before that fateful Sunday evening of April 13, 2003. Scott sang in ZION, a youth choir made up of high school juniors and seniors from the greater San Jose area. My brother was the accompanist for the choir, and I would often go their firesides and other performances. On this night, I attended their fireside, which conveyed ideas about developing a personal hall of fame, filled with heroes from the scriptures, and from the lives of those around us who emulate the Savior. Little did I know that the guy who played the trumpet for one of the songs would soon become of of those heroes for me.

After the fireside, on this particular night, I was talking to a few of my friends (who also sang in the choir) about where they would be living that coming fall at BYU. I had not yet figured out where I would be living, nor did I have anyone in mind to be roommates with. At that moment, Scott came up and asked what we were talking about. We told him we were talking about housing at BYU. He said that he would be living in Helaman Halls. At that moment, I turned to him and said: "Do you have a roommate?" He said no. I then asked if I could be his roommate. I surprised myself. I barely even knew this guy. I hadn't even thought through this; the thought had popped into my head and I immediately opened my mouth. Scott said "Sure!" I felt good about this, even though I didn't know Scott too well. We exchanged contact information, called BYU housing, and got set up to be roommates in Budge Hall that coming fall semester. After that I think I only had two or three more conversations with Scott before our first night as roommates on August 28, 2003. That night we studied the scriptures and had roommate prayer. I remember thinking as I fell asleep, how grateful I was to have Scott as my roommate. Yet even then, I wasn't able to foresee what a huge impact he would have on the rest of my life.

Four days later, on September 1, 2003 (five years ago today) Scott and I met another of the most influential people in my life: Kyle Hair. It was a beautiful day (that's for you Scott) and that evening the BYU 96th Ward, of which Scott and I were a part, had an opening social/Ward Family Home Evening. We mingled, and had to find individuals who fit certain criteria. After it was all over, Scott and I were about to head back to our dorm room. That's when Scott turned and looked at one of the tables by the Helaman Halls Pavilion. There, were three people from our ward sitting there. Two of them I had met that night, Brock and Cody. Scott pointed to the third individual, a boy with a well-worn BYU hat, and said: "I want to meet him. Let's go over and talk to them." That individual was a recently returned missionary (by about 5 days) named Kyle. I don't remember what the five of us talked about, but I remember being glad to meet these people—especially the shy, quiet, but happy Kyle.

Four days later, on September 4th, my journal reads, in part: "I returned home and Scott and I ate lunch. As we ate we talked with a guy in the ward—Kyle. He invited us to attend the temple a little while later with him and Brock." Though that is all I recorded in my journal about Kyle specifically, I remember vividly as Scott and I walked into the cafeteria, Scott stuck out his arm and said: "Hey, there's Kyle. Let's go eat with him." I still had no idea what a huge influence either of these fine young men would be in my life. Yet such was the beginning of some of the closest friendships I have ever had.

(Kyle Hair, Scott Smith, and Spencer Fields, 14 Oct 2003, Carabas, Provo, UT)

Over the next couple months, Scott, Kyle, and I continued to grow together. From the adventures we created around homecoming, cutting hair, carving pumpkins, singing songs, watching movies, helping with homework, and so many other random things which, in and of themselves, may be insignificant, but which, cumulatively, laid the foundation of solid friendship. The three of us became good, solid, and true friends.

(Scott Smith, Kyle Hair, and Spencer Fields, 27 Jan 2004, UPC, Provo, UT)

The next few years brought many changes. Scott left on a two-year mission to Colorado while Kyle and I became Resident Assistants, and worked together--building our friendship along the way. We kept in touch with Scott sporadically via letters, but once Scott returned, the three of us were as close as ever.

(Spencer Fields, Scott Smith, and Kyle Hair, Three Years of Friendship, 1 Sep 2006, Kiwanis Park, Provo, UT)

The three of us are very different. We have our own quirks, and often see things from different perspectives. Our personalities are unique and we go about things in very different ways. But under-girding and overarching all of this, we care for one another, we trust one another, and we love one another. From random activities such as bowling, hiking, and making paper boats, to more planned activities such as orchestrating group dates and get-togethers or joining with some friends in singing Christmas carols or love songs, we have continued to grow in our friendship. I know that I can always count on Scott and Kyle to be there for me during my happy-times and my heartbreaks. They understand who I am, and while it would be easy for them to judge me, instead they listen, they support, they love, and help me to move forward, in all that I do.

Times have changed. We have all grown so much since that day five years ago. I am a very different person now than I was then. So are Scott and Kyle. As I think of my experience at BYU, and as I contemplate those things that made it such a positive experience for me, I feel that I will be forever in debt to these two individuals. They have touched my life for good and helped me become the person I am today. I love them, and I'm grateful to celebrate "Kyle, Scott, and Spencer Day" commemorating five of the best years of my life. I now present (to all who want to watch the whole thing) "Five Years of Friendship: Thanks for the Memories."

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